TPI & MBSP Total Golf Assessment

What Does a TPI & MBSP Total Golf Assessment Entail??

Golf Interview

We will begin with a short form or on-site interview to learn more about your history with your golf game and your body, the present state of your game and most importantly, understand what your goals are for the future!

TPI Physical Screen

Next, we will take you through a series of 16 TPI physical screens that will test a number of areas of your body, as they relate to your golf swing. This will allow us to understand your limitations and swing compensations that might be a result of physical challenges you currently have to help you play better and pain free with a customized program for you.

Video Data Collection

We then collect high-speed video of your body during the swing. This data helps to eliminate guesswork and provide the body-swing connection in customizing your program. 

Building Your Customized Program

Finally, after the collection of your physical screen and golf swing data/video we will begin to analyze and provide you a final in-depth customized golf report and program to help you reach your goals. Depending upon the package or membership you have chosen, the assessment fees would be waived and you will be provided your fitness game plan.