Remote Customized Golf Fitness Training Programs

Program Overview

With the busy world we all live in today, we understand it is hard travel to find the right fitness professionals dedicated to the sport of golf, providing coaching and guidance continually on your journey. This is why we developed our Remote Customized Training Programs so that remote clients can still enjoy the benefits of world class TPI Certified coaching to help you achieve your fitness goals. 

Below you will see our full process in how we customize the plan to YOU and provide continual coaching, guidance and assistance. In the end, you will have a thorough game plan to address your weak areas while building upon your strengths, with access to our workout video library to help guide you.

Let's get started on your path to becoming a Golf Athlete!

Step 1: History & TPI Physical Assessment

We will provide you a golf history questionnaire that will dive into understanding your fitness, medical history and golf performance. This is to guide us, along with your remote TPI assessment and body-swing connection video.

From there, you will be given a "how-to" video to record yourself doing a series of 16 TPI physical assessments. You will conduct these assessments and provide the video(s) back for TPI Certified analysis.

Knowing both your history and your physical assessment will enable us to report on our findings and create that customized game plan just for you!

Step 2: Body-Swing Connection Analysis

You will be provided a set of "how-to" instructions and video to allow you to send us videos of your swing both down-the-line and front-on using the V1 Golf app.

At this point, we will conduct a body-swing analysis and tie-in the elements of the physical assessment to your golf swing using the TPI Certified methodology. This is where we can see why certain physical limitations may cause you to lose efficiency and consistency in your golf swing. 

Step 3: Customized Report Provided

At this point, a final report is generated and e-mailed to you providing both the results of the TPI Physical Assessment and the Body-Swing connection. You will be provided with your Golf Fitness Handicap and how the physical assessment ties in with your golf swing.

This is where we will make the connection and start to work on a plan to improve your golf fitness handicap continually!

Step 4: Customized Golf Fitness Program Designed

Now that we have assessed where your physical limitations may lie and how they tie-in with the golf swing, its time create a customized game plan to get you stronger, faster and better both on and off the course!

You will be provided a 30 day workout regimen, 4 days per week, completely customized to you! We will address all of the weaker areas and limitations to continually improve, while also building upon your current strengths. Our goal is to drop your golf fitness handicap continually, just like you would your golf handicap. We believe this will lead to better scores and better consistency!

In addition, you will be provided access to the My PT Hub app where your workouts will be available to you with video instruction right from your phone!!

Before you know it, your golf fitness handicap will be dropping!

Step 5: 1 on 1 Continuous Remote Consultation

Throughout the program, TPI Certified Fitness Professional Damian Leimenstoll, will be available via the My PT Hub app, text message, social media direct messaging, phone calls or e-mails. No matter the time of the day, we will be responding to you immediately to ensure that all questions are answered and you get the continual guidance you need to meet your goals. 

Have a question about something, don't be afraid to ask! It's what I am here for!

Step 6: Monthly Re-assessment and Re-planning

Now that we have a game plan in place and we are working towards becoming better, we want to check-in on you monthly to see how we are improving or how we can tweak the plan as needed. 

This is where we will start over from Step 1 above and run through the program again with a new game plan! This is why we call this a PROGRAM, it is not just a cookie-cutter, one size fits all solution. We will continually provide solutions for YOU and YOU only!

Your body will get stronger and adapt, we must continually re-plan to keep improving!